Experience the beautiful Finnmark

Unique experiences and memories for life

Gastronomic, cultural and historical tours in wild nature

Let us take you on a journey to Finnmark’s most beautiful places, where you can experience nature’s beautiful phenomena and enjoy local food and traditions. Let us give you memories for a lifetime and a feeling of being one with nature.

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Nordlyset under vår bobil

Aurora Borealis Route

Join us on an adventure journey to hunt for the wonderful natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Experience the magic of finding and being in the Northern Lights, and falling asleep under the starry sky.

Let us take you on a trip where chance rules, and let us enjoy the local food and traditional fare around the fire.

Våre bobiler i Varanger

Varanger Route

Welcome to a gastronomic, cultural and historical journey to the Varanger area. Experience beautiful and wild nature, and let us take you to our very special favorites along this route.

Every single evening we will gather around the table, digest and enjoy the day’s impressions and the wonderful dishes we are served. Let us give you very special dining experiences in Varanger.

midnattsol bobil finnmark

Midnight Sun Route

Join us on a tour of the finest areas of Finnmark, where we give you experiences both during the day and in the evening. We will drive to find the sun that shines 24 hours a day, and enjoy every second of it.

Let us be close to the natural elements and give you unforgettable memories. If you want to return, our goal has been reached.

nordkapp magerøy globus

Experience the North Cape

We invite you on an unforgettable journey to beautiful Magerøya by the North Cape. Everyone must drive their own motorhome, and we have space for 6 motorhomes on each trip, 2 in each motorhome and a total of 12 guests.

Nina and Tormod join as guides and travel companions all the way. Together we will experience our favorite places along this scenic route from Alta to Magerøya.

Rent a motorhome for an unforgettable adventure

Experience Finnmark in your own motorhome and let us help you plan your trip. Choose from our selection of modern motorhomes and rent your dream trip today. 

Regardless of whether you want to explore Varanger or hunt for the Northern Lights, we have a motorhome that suits you. Contact us now and start planning your next adventure!

Our history

Who are we?

We are Nina Riple Brekke, Tormod Brekke, Bjørg Riple and Knut Riple, four passionate Finnmarkers who love the region’s natural gems. We have dreamed of moving to Finnmark and creating something of our own for many years, and now we have done it through the company Opplev Finnmark.

Through our own motorhome trips, we have experienced many wonderful trips here and want more people to have the opportunity to do the same. Nina works exclusively offshore, while Tormod has his own company Heimekjært where he offers janitorial services and building maintenance.


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