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Mor og far

Welcome to Opplev Finnmark, a company founded by Nina Riple Brekke and Tormod Brekke, their co-owners Bjørg Riple and Knut Riple. We are four passionate Finnmarkers who love Finnmark’s beautiful nature and want to share this love with others.

As founders of Opplev Finnmark, we have dreamed of creating something of our own in Finnmark for many years. Through our own motorhome trips, we have experienced many wonderful trips in the region and want more people to have the opportunity to do the same.

Our company offers guided trips with motorhomes, where customers can book a trip with us and drive their own motorhome together in a group with other motorhomes. We want to give our customers an authentic experience of Finnmark and show them the beautiful landscapes, culture and history of the region.

Nina works offshore, while Tormod has his own company, Heimekjært, where he offers janitorial services and building maintenance. Bjørg and Knut have also helped to build up the company and bring valuable experience and knowledge to the team. Our combined experience and expertise gives us a unique perspective on creating an authentic and memorable experience for our customers.

We hope you will join us on a trip and experience all the wonderful Finnmark has to offer. Welcome to Opplev Finnmark!

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Feel free to get in touch nina@opplevfinnmark.no or phone 469 40 840