Aurora Borealis Route

Let us take you on an exciting hunt for the fantastic natural phenomenon Northern Lights in Northern Norway.

Do you want to experience Northern Norway in a unique way?

This tour will allow you to get in close contact with nature and experience the magic of the Northern Lights in a unique way.

Nordlys bobil

Sleep in motorhomes under the northern lights

When you sleep in the motorhome under the Northern Lights, you will experience a unique and magical atmosphere. You will be able to see the sky light up in different colors and dance above you while you rest in the motorhome. This will be an experience of a lifetime.

Local and traditional food

On our Northern Lights hunt in motorhomes, we will not only hunt for the Northern Lights, but also enjoy local dishes around the fire and create social bonds with other participants. The food and traditional diet will take center stage and provide a unique experience of northern Norwegian culture and food.

finnmark camping
nordlys finnmark

Surprises along the way

We cannot guarantee what will happen on the trip, but we can promise you surprises along the way. Maybe we see other aurora hunters who are looking for the same experience?

Price per party

Air travel, diesel, breakfast and lunch as extra.

Duration of the trip

3 extra days for 4,900 NOK

Group size

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