Varanger Route

Valen i midnattsol

Nature, culture and food

Experience a trip to Varanger completely out of the ordinary.

We have available trips 15-22.24(fullbooket) og 27.09 – 04.10.24

Gourmet and adventure travel

We have put together an exciting program that you can see a little further down the page. It contains a lot of nature, a bit of culture and travel, and many exciting and unique food experiences. We believe this is a journey for the slightly discerning palate, who expects “high class” when it comes to serving, but also for those who like to be surprised, and who don’t necessarily set the bar too high. The message is simple: if you are above average fond of good food, and like driving, then this is the trip for you 🙂

Valen i midnattsol
Trasti og trine
Finnmark natur
Nordlys finnmark

Our fantastic route

We promise you an unforgettable journey!

Experience the northernmost nature on our weather-determined adventure trip. We have to make a small reservation about the weather, and then also the itinerary. We may have to make changes and adjustments along the way, but that doesn’t mean it will get worse. Perhaps storms can also help provide a memorable experience? Here anything can happen, and together with you we will do everything to give you the best experience we can. The ones you can take home with you, retrieve and remember as often as you can. If you long to return, we have done our job, and hope to see you back on one of our other trips. We warmly welcome you on an unforgettable journey.

finnmark natur fjelltopp

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Price per party

Air travel, diesel, breakfast and lunch as extra.

When does the trip go

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